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Cameron Silver on His New Show, His Favorite Suit & LA Fashion

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If you read this blog regularly, then you know that we love us some Cameron Silver. From mixing pieces by local designers with to-die-for vintage to giving our city a shout at global fashion events, the Decades boutique owner has been a longtime supporter of the LA fashion scene, which is why we're stoked on his success. We recently sat down with Silver to chat about his new Bravo show, that blog and why he thinks the Council of Fashion Designers of America (CFDA) should pay more attention to LA.

When did you launch your new style blog?
"Actually, an anonymous blogger started it unbeknownst to me a few weeks ago! I found out about it when I received a Google Alert."

Amazing. Well, the commentary is very witty. Do you know who writes it?
"I did some research and found out who the clever writer is. The person wishes to remain anonymous at this time."

You have a serious collection of suits. Do you have a favorite?
"Wow, that's a hard question to answer because I love them all! I do think one of my favorite looks was a Phillip Lim suit I wore last year to the CFDA Awards with a hat from Rod Keenan that had previously been worn by Michael Jackson and amazing oxblood shoes that designer George Esquivel made for me. I looked really skinny, so that's probably why it's one of my favorites! [Laughs] But really, I love all of my babies. I also enjoyed every look I wore in Cannes this past weekend—especially my return to Giorgio Armani."

Those Armani pants are major. So, what can we expect from your new Bravo show?
"Me spending a lot of money, Christos being nervous, a lot of gorgeous gowns and celebrities. And lots of outfits! I think I have, like, five outfit changes in the first episode."

Did it take time to adjust to all the cameras?
"I used to be a singer and my bachelor's degree from UCLA is in Theatre. Decades has always felt like my very own performance art venue, so the cameras really didn't change the way I function. Actually, I will miss having daily grooming but I won't miss the daily meals—they fed me too much! I'm sort of sick of filming, though. We're still filming after nearly six months."

We'll be watching. Finally, what is your take on LA fashion now, and where do you think it's headed?
"We may not be the high fashion capital of the world, but we certainly have a plethora of talent ranging from contemporary designers who I adore—such as Trina Turk and Cynthia Vincent—to a slew of talented jewelers like Irene Neuwirth, Liseanne Frankfurt and Kimberly McDonald. Rodarte and Juan Carlos Obando are also extremely influential. I'm very proud of our eclectic talents and only wish we had more support of the CFDA in Los Angeles to help build a stronger community among fashion designers."
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