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LF Warehouse Sale: We're Inside!

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The mythical, magical LF Warehouse Sale is upon us. Racked editor Leslie Price is live at the shopping grounds in Playa Del Rey, reporting on the madness.

10:06: Shoes immediately savaged. A mom just pushed me.

10:10: So many sheer ruffly tops, mullet dress and rompers.

10:12: Some people are really loading up.

10:15: Man just walked through and announced that they'll be restocking.

10:20: To be contemplated at this sale: do I really need a pink studded pleather bag? A tie-dyed tube top? Ripped white jeans?

10:23: Guy just dumped a box of shoes out and then said "Don't hurt me, please!" as people descended.

10:27: As expected, there are tons of Jeffrey Campbell shoes. Lots of Car Mar denim and Millau tops, too.

10:35: I'm out.

Don't fret if you can't make today's sale; shoppers are queuing up for round two at 7am tomorrow. All categories will be restocked, so get there early to score the goods!

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