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LF Warehouse Sale: Savvy Shoppers Queuing Up

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The mythical, magical LF Warehouse Sale is upon us. Racked editor Leslie Price is live at the shopping grounds in Playa Del Rey, reporting on the madness.

9:29: I am in line. By my account there are 50 other people waiting.

9:30: In a really considerate move, LF printed big signs and posted them along the route on Jefferson. Saw the first one when I got off the 405.

9:31: Crowd is mostly women in 20s, though a few moms have shown up.

9:35: A lot of people arriving now. Maybe 100 queued up.

9:36: Girl behind me in line: "This sale is SO overwhelming."

9:37: No idea where people are parking—the lot is full.

9:38: College Girl #1: "Where's your mom?" College Girl #2: "Oh, she's parking.

9:40: "My friend Allie's mom is here with her grand mom. They are shopping for her." Really???

9:45: Trends among shoppers: floral mini dresses, pops of neon, small cross-body bags."

9:47: They've just opened the doors and people at the front of the line are standing up. A man is handing out oversized plastic bags for people to stuff once they get in.

9:50: At least 250 people here now.

10:01: I'm in!

Update: Follow the live blog here.
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