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Sean Yashar's Favorite Gallery is in Highland Park

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Los Angeles has more stores than anyone could physically tackle, but somehow we always keep returning to the usual suspects. To break out of the rut, we've asked some local shopping and fashion gurus to provide their hidden retail gems—those unique stores around LA that we might not all know about. Cue the Beatles: We're about to get a little help from our friends.

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Creative thinker, native Angelino, marketing man and design writer Sean Yashar describes himself as a "modern artisan on a mission to save the world from the mundane." He launched his company, The Culture Creative, in 2010 and works with companies on branding, pr, trend forecasting, social media and more. He recently filled us in on Mor York Gallery, his favorite arty spot in Highland Park.

"Long before Highland Park became the next hipster mecca, Clare Graham and his partner Bob Breen moved their artist studio into an unassuming, unmarked, 6,000-square-foot former roller rink on York Blvd. The obscure address hints at the curious body of work that Clare showcases at the gallery. A former set designer for Disney, Clare exhibits collections of artisanal furniture, decorative art and sculptural works. Much of what's on display takes the form of functional furniture pieces, but always with a poetic, dark, primordial and often subversive nostalgia for Americana. The place is crawling with his meticulously assembled creations, usually comprised of thousands of found items, like a coffee table made from the tops of tin cans, bottle cap vases, and an armoire made from abstracted paint-by-number paintings. If you appreciate handmade, one-of-a-kind pieces that are just as much art as they are furniture, Mor York Gallery will speak to you. It's a treasure trove for the design enthusiast and art lover with a daring taste level. Whether you're design aesthetic is traditional or modern, Claire's pieces create a beautiful juxtaposition to any décor, and satisfy the craving for artisanal, one-of-a-kind works that blur the line between craft and fine art."

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Mor York Gallery

4959 York Boulevard Los Angeles, CA 90042