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Vogue Tells Us Exactly Where in LA Jennifer Lopez Lives

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Photos via Mario Testino/VOGUE; cover shot via Annie Leibovitz/VOGUE

Vogue contributing editor Jonathan Van Meter follows J Lo home in this month's issue, which features a lengthy profile on the singer, dancer, actor and television personality. The feature opens with Van Meter hanging around a parking lot, waiting for Lopez to finish a taping of Ellen. Then, this happens. "Lopez spots me standing in the parking lot, and as her window glides down she says, 'Hey, baby. I will see you back at my house?' Yes, I say, but I don’t know how to get there. 'It’s so easy!' she shouts as the SUV starts inching away. 'Just take the 101 and get off at exit 30. You’ll find it!'”

It is then revealed that Lopez lives in the gated community of Hidden Hills near Calabasas and the Santa Monica Mountains; according to Wikipedia, her neighbors include Drake, Britney Spears, several Jenner/Kardashians (Kris, Bruce, Kendall, Kylie) and Denise Richards. Van Meter eventually navigates himself there and finds himself in a nine-bedroom mansion. Naturally, he pokes around, looking at the books on the shelves in her library and wandering into the kitchen where Lopez is eating a salad with new boyfriend Casper Smart. If you're a Lopez fan or just curious about the life of one of the most famous women on the planet, give it a read—the article is pretty surreal.
· Jennifer Lopez: Venus Rising [Vogue]