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Fashion Star's West Coast Problem

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Fashion Star's concept—viewers are able to shop the up-and-coming designers' wares online the night the show airs—has proven to be hugely successful for the retailers involved. H&M regularly sells out of the garments. In fact, the show almost brought down H&M's site a few days ago. But the show's West Coast air time isn't working for Cali viewers interested in buying the designs. Writes a Racked commenter:

"We are never able to get items because when the show airs here at 10pm the items are long long gone. I dont see what is the purpose of even airing the show to us. We Wcoast folks want to start a petition against H&M and all of Fashion Star. I have not been able to buy anything I was interested in at H&M. We are livid on the West Coast."
Fashion Star was taped in LA, which makes this situation seem all the more ridiculous.
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