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Introducing Shelley Caudill's Luxe Leatherwear for Fall

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LA-based artist, stylist and designer Shelley Caudill isn't new to the fashion world. After a post-college trip across Europe to explore international art, she was inspired to travel to Los Angeles on a whim to enroll in FIDM and take a stab at fashion design. Her background as a trained painter helped her produce wearable art with ease, which eventually led her to debut a promising swimwear collection in 2000. She also took on a celebrity stylist gig in the process.

Today, Caudill is known for her range of accessories and apparel in exotic leathers. Besides buttery-soft draped jackets, what we're particularly excited about is her focus on leather layering. From paper-thin suede tank tops to metallic lambskin dresses, Caudill offers refreshingly lightweight leathers that we're looking forward to mixing and matching this fall. "This collection is simple, modern, minimalist and sleek," the designer tells us. "They're all great staple pieces for travel, too. Everyone needs a layer of leather in their life!"

Shop past season Shelley Caudill at Gather now and look out for the designer's complete fall collection when it hits all six Madison stores in August.
· Shelley Caudill [Official Site]

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