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Gilt Groupe Warehouse Sale: Diehards Lining Up in Heat

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OMFG: The legendary Gilt Groupe Warehouse Sale has finally landed in LA. Racked editor Leslie Price is live at Hollywood's Siren Studios, reporting on the madness.

9:45: The parking lot at Siren Studios is full, so they're directing traffic to park at the CVS on El Centro, right off of Sunset.

9:45: The line is so bonkers. Lots of guys. Everyone has their Gilt voucher printed. (Ed note: don't forget to print your voucher!)

9:46: It's so hot. They're handing out waters, which is nice. Small bottles of Fiji.

9:47: The water girls are dressed in short blue dresses with pink sash belts and black high heels. Odd. Is that Fiji branding?

9:49: I am cooking on this sidewalk. People in front of me are considering Roscoe's Chicken and Waffles after this.

9:50: Line is moving!

9:51: And we are stopped.

9:55: Moving again! We are going in.

Update: Follow the live blog here.
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