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Picnicking Encouraged at Guess' Coachella Hotel

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In contrast to several of the weekend's more high-octane events (we're looking at you, Hard Rock Music Mansion), the Guess Hotel Coachella party in La Quinta was nicely laid-back. Guests lounged on the grass overlooking Caleo Bay while waiters brought 'round glasses of champagne, cocktails and coconut water. A few celebrities showed their face—we spotted Hunger Games' Josh Hutcherson on Saturday as well as Vanessa Hudgens and boyfriend Austin Butler. Hudgens, wearing a floaty dress, face paint and a feathered headdress, didn't want to talk to the press. "I'm just, like, trying to chill" she told us before getting an icy. As befitting any proper Coachella daytime party, there was a pool, but the chill in the air prevented most guests from diving in. Instead, they lay in the sun on Guess-branded towels or congregated by the indoor bar while DJs spun in a separate room. Check out the scene, above, in our gallery.
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