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Justin Timberlake To Launch Decor Shopping Site HomeMint

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Who knew that Justin Timberlake was such a homemaker? The actor/singer/dancer has just signed on to be the face of new site HomeMint. HomeMint joins the roster of other celeb-fronted BeachMint shopping clubs like StyleMint (the Olsen twins), ShoeMint (Rachel Bilson), BeautyMint (Jessica Simpson) and JewelMint (Kate Bosworth).

Timberlake has partnered with his longtime interior designer Estee Stanley for the project reports Elle Decor, who has an exclusive Q&A with the star. Says Justin of his aesthetic, "I like very clean, almost modern architecture, and the obstacle with something like that is making it extremely warm, because it doesn’t naturally lend itself to that. With everything we do together, we try to get the juxtaposition right."

The selection will include partnerships with cool brands from around the world like Canvas and Lollipop. You don't have to sign up to be a member to shop the site, but members, who pay a $10 monthly fee, will receive discounted rates on the site's furnishings and accessories.
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