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Elle and Blair Fowler Introduce Beauty Vlogger Boot Camp

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Blair and Elle, left to right. Photos and video courtesy of the Fowlers.
Blair and Elle, left to right. Photos and video courtesy of the Fowlers.

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Elle and Blair Fowler are pioneers in the beauty vlogging world. After launching their respective YouTube channels in 2008—when beauty vlogs were still few and far between—they swiftly took the vlogosphere by storm, thanks to their high-quality tutorials and natural ease in front of the camera. Today, Elle's original channel (AllThatGlitters21) has earned 725,273 subscribers and 114,769,441 video views and Blair's channel (JuicyStar07) has a whopping 973,589 subscribers and 191,072,083 video views. And the numbers are growing by the minute.

Given that the Fowler sisters have certainly paved the way for all beauty vlogger gurus out there, they've teamed up with LA-based YouTube fashion and beauty channel, u look haute, to host a new web reality series called Beauty Vlogger Boot Camp. The girls sat down with us to share more about the show's concept.

A sneak peek at Beauty Vlogger Boot Camp.

What inspired each of you to start vlogging?
Elle: "I started making my own videos in my bedroom in the summer of 2008. I was home from college and really bored that summer, so I just decided to make a video of myself putting on makeup and posted it on the internet. It was a little embarrassing, but look at me now!"

Blair: "Being the little sister that I am, I totally wanted to copy her, so I had her tell me what products to use and stuff and starting filming my first few videos. Now, it's exploded into what it is today."

Tell us a little more about the YouTube channel, u look haute.
Elle: "u look haute is the go-to place for everything fashion and beauty. It’s a great resource filled with helpful product reviews, styling tips and tricks, fashion and beauty news and so much more. If you're a fashion and beauty lover like me, bookmark this channel ASAP!"

What can we expect from Beauty Vlogger Boot Camp?
Elle: "It's a reality-based competition web series for fashion and beauty. The winner gets his/her own show on u look haute, which is super exciting. We're very comfortable on camera, so to be able to host our own show and welcome newbies into the world of fashion and beauty vlogging is really fun for us."

How did the idea for this show come about?
Blair: "We originally thought of it because we've been getting so many messages from girls and boys all around the world, asking how they can become a successful beauty vlogger and fashion guru. We wanted to give them this opportunity to get their foot in the door and really shine."

What are your top tips for aspiring beauty vloggers?
Elle: "My advice is to just put yourself out there and try. The hardest step is making that first video and posting it online for the world to see. But that's what we did one summer, many summers ago in our bedrooms. It got us where we are today, so I would definitely encourage people to try it!"

Catch Beauty Vlogger Boot Camp on u look haute every Tuesday.
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