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Shahs of Sunset Star Reza Farahan is a Product Loyalist

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Image via Bravo
Image via Bravo

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There's no doubt about it: Reza Farahan is the breakout star of new Bravo reality TV series Shahs of Sunset. The Iranian-born, Beverly Hills-raised realtor already has a fan following thanks to his outspoken nature and mustachioed look (that mustache actually has its own Twitter account). We caught up with Reza last week to find out how he gets camera ready.

We know that you have strong thoughts on the subject of grooming and hygiene. What is your day-to-day routine?

"As far as maintaining what you see, my hair is crazy and has a mind of its own. If I don't put any product in it, I look like Kramer from Seinfeld. My hairs are super thick and wiry and they stand straight up in a very kinky way. So I definitely have to use a lot of product in my hair but I don't like anything that makes it hard and crunchy. I stumbled on a very, very, very inexpensive hair product by mistake. I used to spend a fortune on pomades that were $20, $30, $50 per jar. I was in a crunch and I needed something desperately and I picked up this jar of Giovanni. It costs $7.99 and I swear by it. It is the most amazing hair product I've ever used in my whole life. I love it. I literally carry it in my car with me in case my hair gets messed up and I need to style my hair on the run. I have it with me at all times."

Reza getting pampered. Photo via Bravo

You told the LA Times that you'd tried all sorts of facial hair styles before settling on your mustache. Why did you decide to keep it?

"Honestly, he and I had formed such a bond that I felt bad getting rid of him. I don't know, it just stuck. I've rocked a handlebar mustache before, a gotee, a full beard, and the mustache just kind of felt right. I really like rocking it. For where I'm at in my life right now with my look—the mustache and my hairdo, which my mom thinks looks like a toupee—just kind of works. She's like, 'I don't understand why you make your hair look like a toupee, you have a gorgeous head of hair and you style it like that?'"

What does it take to keep your mustache looking perfect?

"I do what I call a tune up, I touch it up by trimming it so the hair doesn't cover my lip, maybe once or twice a week to make sure it stays nice and shapely. I cut the little corners so there's no crazy flyways. There's not that much that goes into it. I just do a little bit every couple of days and it seems to work."

On a recent episode of the show you get your eyebrows threaded. Why do you thread vs wax or pluck? How long have you been threading?

"Threading was a new experience for me and it was fine. I cannot wax because I break out in hives. Literally, when I get waxed the skin that gets waxed—regardless if it's my eyebrows or one time I waxed my chest, which was the biggest mistake I ever made in my whole life—but the area gets super red, I get blotchy and I get bumps and it itches and I look like I fell into a bush of poison ivy. It's not a good look for me. When I did my eyebrows, I waxed them, I looked like I had two red eyebrows above my two black eyebrows. So the only options I have are plucking and threading."

Can you tell us a little bit about the products you like?

"The only facial moisturizer I use is Kiehl's—actually, I have it, hold on one sec [walks into bathroom, looks in cabinet]—I use the Kiehl's Ultra Facial oil-free lotion which I swear by. I can only blade shave because if I use an electric razor I get bumps, so whenever I blade shave I use the Kiehl's razor bump relief which is amazing. For facial cleanser, I will only use, and I take it with me everywhere, the Neutrogena oil-free Salicylic wash in grapefruit which I really love. My fragrance—I'm super sensitive to smell, there's a lot of really amazing colognes and perfume products that have a certain ingredient in it that burns my nostrils like, I literally cannot be around people that are wearing that particular ingredient—but I love Jo Malone and specifically, the lime/basil/mandarin cologne. I love it. And I use Tom's deodorant and I use either the Borghese fango or the Kiehl's Rare Earth Pore cleansing mask. If I find something that works for me, I stick with it."
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