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Marninsanity: Despite the Cold, Shoppers Turn Out

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It's all happening: Racked editor Natalie Alcala is on the scene at the Marni for H&M launch at Beverly Center. Follow along for live updates from the mall.

7am: Just arrived outside of Quiznos. We're freezing out here.

7:07am: They're letting people up to the 8th floor in batches. I'm apparently in one of the last groups receiving wristbands. Got super lucky.

7:15am: Security is strict and they're not letting us take photos of the pretty Marni-fied windows. Lots of moms and daughters in line.

7:20am: H&M staffer has emerged to announce that we are the purple group and will be able to shop between 9:25am and 9:40am. We're limited to purchase two per like item.

7:25am: I think they're done letting people in. I see about 300 waiting. Guy in front of me, "I'm going to walk around looking for guys that are my size so I can tackle them. No one is getting in my way!" Craziness or bravado or crazy bravado?

7:30am: Group of girls behind me are going over their wish list: the color-blocked dress, the black sequin collar, the platform sandals, the polka dot coat.

7:36am: They need music or something in here. People are falling asleep. At least it's warmer than outside. We're all confined to our designated batches and mine must be the quiet one.

7:40am: The Starbucks on this floor is going to make so much money today. Some line-goers are on their third cups.

7:45am: People came prepared. So many snacks! So far I've seen: family-size Pringles, a club sandwich, lots of muffins, three bananas, a few Naked juices and a danish.

7:50am: Just snuck away to meet the first person in line. She started waiting in front of Quiznos at 7pm! She didn't want me to take her picture or to say any more.

7:54am: The store opens at 8am and people are finally starting to get revved up. Girl in back of me: "I hope I find something good. I need clothes for Coachella!"

7:58am: It's getting loud. The first batch of shoppers is queuing up. Security on Segways in place.

8am: First batch running in like a stylish stampede! Music is booming suddenly. Club Marni.

8:05am: An H&M staffer reemerges to tell us that we're free to walk inside the store but can't shop the collab until our designated time. People are debating on whether or not to go in.

8:10am: We can shop the rest of the store, but the Marni for H&M section is blocked off by gates. I feel like I'm at the zoo.

8:12am: There's a staffer with a straight-up megaphone directing traffic. This is serious. I see lots of supportive boyfriends carrying hangers of clothes for their girls.

8:19am: The DJ just dropped that "YOLO" song by Drake. The crowd is going wild and dancing in line. Where am I? People must be loopy because it's so early.

8:25am: Girl waiting behind the cage with me is pointing to her favorite item inside: "Please wait right there and don't let anyone take you. I'll rescue you soon!"

8:30am: Just saw a couple leave with four bags totally stuffed to the brim.

8:32am: Scoping out the men's. Not nearly as packed as the women's. About six guys are in the cage with ten or so items each.

8:34am: Some guy has a lawn chair backpack for the wait! That's dedication.

8:35am: One very animated H&M staffer is in the men's section pop-locking to Usher.

8:37am: Overall this is a pretty stylish crowd. Not too many eBay-ers.

8:40am: Bag count: one Goyard, two Celines (the cute mini tote), four Marc Jacobs, two Louis Vuittons.

8:51am: I'm surprised that there's so much stuff still on the racks. That 15 minute rule was smart.

8:56am: Some girl is asking a staffer to just stack the rest of one whole shelf of accessories in her arms. Stack is 9 boxes high and she's tiiiny. Crazy.

Update: The liveblog continues right here.
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