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Marninsanity: Accessories Picked Clean, Clothes to Follow

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It's all happening: Racked editor Natalie Alcala is on the scene at the Marni for H&M launch at Beverly Center. Follow along for live updates from the mall.

9:05am: A staffer just told me that they're done replenishing footwear and accessories, so what's out on the floor is it. The 9:05am group just jumped in and is grabbing all of what's left. Jewelry is the hottest-ticket item by far.

9:13am: It's almost my group's time. Getting anxious.

9:15am: Of the clothes, the silk pajama separates are the most coveted. After that, it's the dress with the peacock print, then the boxy patent leather panel shirts.

9:19am: People on the outside are asking insiders to hold items for them. One girl is holding items for three outsiders. Generous.

9:25am: I'm in! Surprising amount of platform sandals still available. They're all 9s and 10s. For clothes, I'm only seeing sizes 2 and 4—no bigger, no smaller. Clothes are being replenished now.

9:30am: Tags, hangers, clothes on the floor. Utter chaos.

9:33am: Staffer on megaphone is making me nervous: "You have seven minutes to shop and THAT'S IT."

9:35am: People have begun pulling things off the mannequins.

9:40am: And my time is up! Done.
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