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LA Woman Learns Lesson: Don't Paint Your Nails In Flight

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A woman from Burbank who tried to paint her nails on a flight from LAX to Houston last month got involved in a verbal altercation with a flight attendant and was subsequently taken into police custody for 10 hours. According to CBS, Jeanie Daniels asked the passengers seated around her on her Southwest flight and none minded if she painted her nails during the trip. The plane's flight attendants, however, had a serious problem with it. Daniels, who was en route to her boyfriend in Houston and understandably didn't want to show up with a half-done mani, left her seat and went to the bathroom to finish up. That's when it sounds like things went really off the rails.

Another flight attendant confronted her outside the restroom, and then the first took over when Daniels returned to her seat. In the end, Daniels was detained by police at Houston airport for saying "stop bitching at me" to plane staff. So lesson learned: don't ever act like this on a flight.
· Burbank Woman Detained For More Than 10 Hours For Painting Nails On Southwest Flight [CBS]

Photo via NYDN