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Timoteo Ocampo of Timoteo on What Men Want (in a Swim Suit)

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Spring is finally here, which means that we're one step closer to summer. Since an increase in temperature warrants a decrease in clothing, we're hitting the gym (or having guilt about not doing our daily crunches). To help you navigate through the plethora of brands, fits, and styles for the impending bathing suit season, we're asking top swimwear designers our hard-hitting questions. Welcome to The Deep End.

Image via Timoteo

Timoteo Ocampo is the creative director and co-owner of TIMOTEO, a line of men's denim, dress shirts, fashion tees and swimwear. Ocampo, who is currently based in LA, studied at California State University and interned at places like Richard Tyler, Moda Cad and Lori London Millinery. Before opening his own men's retail store in West Hollywood in 2001, he worked for contemporary brands like XOXO and Baby Phat. We turned to Ocampo to find out why, for guys, it's all about design, fit, and fabrication when it comes to swimwear. Dive in.

What makes your product range unique?
We are unique because, for us, it's about three elements: design, fit and fabrication. The design has to follow trends, be relevant and forward thinking; the fit has to be consistent season to season and the fabrication has to be modern and contemporary, featuring the latest colors and fabrics.

If you had to recommend one model from your latest swim range, what would it be and why?
I have two summer offerings based on what men want. If you want a fitted brief, I'd suggest our best selling Speedster design. If you're looking for more of a traditional board short, we have a new style called the zip short. It's fun and perfect for the beach.

What do you think men are looking for when they are buying swimwear?
Men today want a modern design and a fit that compliments their body. Without those two elements, they feel out of place at the beach or by the pool.

What's next for your brand? Where do you see it in 15 years?
Like all fashion lines, we want to continue to grow over time. In 15 years, we want to have a larger global footprint. We also want to move into other categories that could include women's, eyewear, and fragrances.
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