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Paula Abdul's eBay Closet Cleanout, By the Numbers

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Former LA Lakers cheerleader, singer, dancer and American Idol host Paula Abdul is doing a bit of spring cleaning. The pop culture icon (or one of her assistants) has purged her closet of more than 1,000 items of clothing and accessories, which are now up for grabs on eBay through seller Linda's Stuff.

What's remarkable about the auction, aside from its size, is how mundane the items are. For example: fans of Paula can own the singer's Bebe white cap-sleeve tee, starting price $19; Lacoste red button-down polo, starting price $19; and Rocketdog platform sneakers, also starting at $19 (um, when was the last time Paula cleaned out her closet?). Of course, there are a few gems to be found—this Tracy Reese dress is pretty cute for $99, and these Acne jeans are a steal at $49. Here's a look at the auction, by the numbers.

· 1,087: number of items available for purchase
· 19: the lowest set price
· 479: the highest set price, for this strapless gold lace minidress
· 7: pairs of J Brand jeans on offer, out of 135 jeans
· 7 1/2: Paula's shoe size
· 329: the going rate for this small Chloe bag, the most expensive purse listed
· 1: piece of Chanel (these skinny jeans)
· Linda's Stuff [eBay via Heard on the Runway]