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Retailers Make Way for Topshop at The Grove

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Photo of Victoria's Secret at The Grove via <a href="">Yelp</a>.
Photo of Victoria's Secret at The Grove via Yelp.

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Now that Topshop is officially opening at The Grove this winter, retailers are playing musical chairs at the outdoor shopping center. After receiving word from a Racked tipster last week that Victoria's Secret shuttered on Monday, a new tipster reveals today that VS is gone for good and Banana Republic will be taking it's place:

"I have been aware that the VS at the Grove was closing since December. It has been rumored that the store violated the 'one mile clause' of VS at the Bev Center. The VS Grove employees were told, unfairly, that [Grove president and CEO Rick Caruso] had raised the lease price to an exorbitant amount, although I have been told that is not the case from insiders. Banana Republic is going into the VS space, Topshop is going into the Banana Republic space this fall and COO of Caruso Affiliated Paul Kurzawa announced at the Grove's 10-year anniversary party that 12 new Grove retailers will be revealed in the next few weeks."

We have so many questions. Where will The Grove fit all those new retailers? Could one of the 12 new retailers be, dare we say, Uniqlo? Things are starting to get very interesting.
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