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Cocktails, Cupcakes, Cocktails: Inside The Wedding Salon

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This week, we headed over to SLS Hotel at Beverly Hills to check out the happenings at that bridal party we recently gave away tickets to: The Wedding Salon. While we've certainly been to our share of wedding events this year (A Soolip Wedding, The Cream), the Salon was unique in that it was set up like an actual high-end wedding reception, complete with a bride and groom to greet us upon entrance.

Just like the real thing, there was loud music, tons of food, flowing booze (four bars full, to be exact) and happy drunk people. There were also endless amounts of booths offering varied services and ideas for nuptial preparations, like spa treatments, multimedia entertainment, and, of course, honeymoon activities. There were also models walking around in traditional bridal gowns by R-Mine Bridal and bedazzled mullet gowns (really) by Tulerie.

Another observation: we've never seen so many dudes at a wedding prep event. Perhaps the brides-to-be lurred them in with the free drinks and cupcakes by Hansen's Cakes?
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