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Americana At Brand Gives Marni for H&M One More Go

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Writes an on-the-scene Racked informant: "There's a Marni for H&M relaunch at the Americana at Brand today. This is the line right now, about 25 deep. They open at 10. They got so much in returns that they held all of it for a relaunch." Clever. We've heard that the WeHo store also has a lot of merchandise back in stock but this is the first Marni for H&M relaunch we've come across.

Update: From the same tipster: "They just moved the line closer to the store. We're lined up against the store. They're letting us in groups of 20. First group in now they get 10 minutes."
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Americana At Brand

889 Americana Way, Glendale, CA 91210