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Hollywood's Finest Film Fashion at FIDM

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Want to see the sleek baby blue sheath and trench that Michelle Williams wore as Marilyn Monroe? Jean Dujardin's luxe tux? Daniel Craig's hot leather spats? Fred Astaire's well-worn tap shoes? FIDM's annual exhibition of Oscar nominated costumes is now on! Featuring costumes from all five 2011 Academy Award Nominees, the exhibit is held at the FIDM Museum in Downtown LA, and offers a fantastic opportunity to see how the characters that actors bring to life are sculpted by the finely-honed styling of Hollywood's costume designers.

To celebrate the 20th anniversary of exhibiting the Art of Motion Picture Costume Design, the film costumes run the gamut from Oscar nominees to overlooked action flicks, as well as a selection of treasures from Hollywood's golden age culled from the museum's archive. Ogle costumes from twenty films released in 2011—from Oscar winner Mark Bridges of The Artist and Arianne Phillips' sumptuous dresses for Wallis Simpson in Madonna's W.E., to Mia Wasikowska's gowns by Michael O'Connor for Jane Eyre, and Sacha Baron Cohen's blue velvet suit by Sandy Powell for Hugo. Designs by FIDM grads range from the everyday to the spectacular, like the distressed day clothes by Ha Nguyen for Super 8, and Marlene Stewart's amazing studded bodysuit for Robot Girl in Real Steel. We were surprised how beautifully crafted some of the garments were, while others were clearly designed for flash or function. Perhaps the greatest thrills are to be found in the vintage garments and accessories made for Hollywood's past kings and queens. Shoes and showpieces are mounted in display cases that surround the contemporary costumes. Think Kirk Douglas's chestplate from Spartacus, Marlene Dietrich's tuxedo pumps, Jean Harlow's tap shorts from Restless, and Mae West's 1930s corset and sky-high metallic platform shoes.

Admission is free, and the exhibit is on view through April 28.
· FIDM Museum [Official Site]