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LA-Based Designer Jeremy Scott Took björk to Amoeba

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Jeremy Scott's latest collection at the Adidas Originals store on Melrose.
Jeremy Scott's latest collection at the Adidas Originals store on Melrose.

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Jeremy Scott is known for his anything-but-shy designs—during the last New York Fashion Week, he sent out a runway full of Simpsons-themed attire—but when he's not working, his schedule is decidedly low-key. We caught up with Scott before his latest release for Adidas, which features whimsical designs like high tops with gorillas for tongues, to talk sneakers and what he loves about the city he calls home.

Jeremy Scott's gorilla sneakers for Adidas.

What was your inspiration for this latest collection?
"My first step is always: What do I want to wear? What is it that's missing? Then I think about my friends, the people around me, and what they'd respond to. And then there are little themes—oh, vaguely surfer or Japanese or Americana or music—but I don't really try to make it fit one theme because I try to think of how diverse everyone's personality is."

Your sneakers are big sellers. How do you approach sneaker design? Do you look at the Adidas archives?
"There's actually not a big archive. I've been: It's in Germany in this small, small town called Scheinfeld. And they're building it but it's not done. Some of my first shoes were already in the archives which was quite lovely to see. No, I really just think about the fantasy things I'd like to have. I work on similar shapes, like high tops, a lot."

How much does Adidas weigh in on the designs?
"Not at all. I turn it in and we build the board of what's Q1 and Q2. That's the only weighing in. It's a wonderfully supportive relationship. They've seen that letting me do what I do works. That's why they had the confidence, I believe, to go with this project and not have to question. They know I love the brand, I respect the brand and I understand the brand and I know how to put the brand in the right place in the right way."

You live in LA. What are your favorite places to go and things to do here when you're not working?
"I live in Outpost so I go to Runyon all the time. I love to go see movies at ArcLight, it's my favorite theater. And Amoeba: I feel like we're so lucky to have that store. It's such a great resource. Every musician I've brought there, like björk—you'd think she's seen it all and had it all—bought tons of stuff. Everyone always loves it because it's so diverse and, for lack of a better word, nerdy. Like they go all the way to the nth degree. It's so wonderful that we have that on our doorstep. I love all the Mexican restaurants like Alegria and Mexico City. That's kind of it. I work and go to the movies."
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Adidas Originals

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Adidas Originals

8009 Melrose Ave, Los Angeles, CA