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Isabel Marant Warehouse Sale: Stylish Shoppers Lining Up

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This morning at 10am, the Isabel Marant and Jérôme Dreyfuss warehouse sale hits The Cooper Building in Downtown. Below, Racked LA editor Leslie Price reports live from the scene to bring you the latest.

9:12am: Just arrived. Line is nine people deep.

9:15am: Now there's 13 people, including me.

9:20am: Bag roll call: three Celines, one Gucci, one Alex Wang, one Bottega Veneta.

9:22am: Wow, another Celine joins. This crowd has the nicest accessories.

9:25am: The fact that there isn't a real line is making me nervous. There could be a rush at the door. A little gun shy after the Barney's sale, perhaps?

9:28am: We just queued up. Group of girls who got here later walked to the front. Not fair!

9:29am: The showroom doesn't have a number or name on it—just a big white door. Too cool to be marked?

9:31am: It should be opening soon! Staffer just told us.

9:32am: There is a mandatory bag check.

9:35am: I am standing between a Givenchy and a Fendi (bags).

9:38am: Girl in line is hoping for the sneakers: "If I see those, it'll be take no prisoners." I doubt that they'll be here.

9:39am: More than 30 people are here now, including one supportive boyfriend.

9:45am: I am weirdly so nervous for this. Sweaty palms, heart racing.

9:46am: A staffer just walked in an women are peering through crack in the door for a preview.

9:47am: It's happening! They are lining us up.

9:50am: False alarm. Still standing here. So much for opening early.

9:59am: A woman in front of me is saying that they had jewelry at the last sale.

10:00am: God I hope they have good security here...

10:01am: We're in!

UPDATE: The liveblog continues here.

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