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Isabel Marant, Jérôme Dreyfuss Sale Not Exactly Worth the Hype

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There were no Isabel Marant sneakers at this morning's DTLA sample sale. Nor were there any Dicker boots. What we did find: plenty of slouchy tees, metallic lurex sweaters, patchwork jeans, fringed leather tops and pants, oversize wool sweaters, sweatshirts, a few pieces of outerwear and plenty of other stuff that looked super picked over.

The one real positive about the experience was that the staff of the showroom kept things from becoming chaotic. Shoppers were let in slowly and bags had to be checked. Upon entering, most people walked right by the display of Jérôme Dreyfuss bags (priced from around $300 to $700, with large wallets running about $220), leather shirts ($350) and skirts and on to the selection of Isabel Marant clothing. Much of what we saw seemed to be from fall/winter 2011, though staffers did wheel out a few racks left over from the last sale ("a really good value") containing mostly spring 2011 khakis, cords and droopy gray tanks priced for about $50 each.

There were a few display cases with jewelry near the check-out area, well priced at $100 and below (we spotted some cute earrings for $20 and $30 a pop). But overall, the sale felt like a bust. If you're desperate to own some Isabel Marant, you'll come home with something (like a three-quarter-length sleeve tee for $95). But Marant die-hards will find the whole experience a little lacking.
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