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Jason Wu for Target: We're Inside!

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This morning at 8am, the Jason Wu for Target collection officially lands in stores. Below, Racked LA editor Leslie Price reports live from the scene at Target in West Hollywood to bring you the latest.

8:02am: People are getting carts??

8:03am: It's nuts. All size XS of the pink striped dress were gone immediately.
8:04am: People are just grabbing anything.

8:06am: OMG the stuff is SO CUTE on.

8:08am: Fitting rooms are full.

8:10am: Just met a Racked fan!

8:17am: The items no one seems to want: teal blouse and polka dot blouse.

8:18am: We are getting yelled at for lingering around the racks.

8:20am: Target staffer: "We need space to replenish."

8:21am: Now we are all just waiting.

8:25am: OMG so scary. They put all the stuff out and were telling people that if they tried to grab it before they were done that they'd be kicked out of the store. Security was there. I think the Target staffers were scared for their safety. They all moved at once out of the way and then people just descended.

8:32am: (Hey! If anyone wants either the black dress with stripes or white dress with black lace below, Leslie has them both in a size 2. She's wearing a brown leather jacket and a long pink skirt. The first person to meet Leslie in the bedding department in the next 15 minutes can have them.)

8:50am: Still loitering around. There's a child crying and yelling "I want to go home."

8:57am: And that's a wrap! Thanks for playing, and good luck to all the shoppers.

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