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Jason Wu for Target: Shoppers In at WeHo Target!

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This morning at 8am, the Jason Wu for Target collection officially lands in stores. Below, Racked LA editor Leslie Price reports live from the scene at Target in West Hollywood to bring you the latest.

7:08am: People are pretty quiet, even subdued. This isn't the Missoni crowd.

7:09am: Some woman's husband just brought her Starbucks. THAT is love.

7:11am: Gender breakdown: about 17 women and three men.

7:15am: Men here for moral support? eBay? Lazy girlfriend? Impossible to tell.

7:16am: Girl at front of line describing traumatic dream in which she arrived late to find everything gone. Her friends are laughing.

7:17am: Style report: the look of the morning is skinny jeans, although at least three women have defaulted to the comfort of black leggings. One diehard wearing a teal coat, drop-crotch black pants and high-heeled leopard pointy-toe pumps.

7:18am: One of the men, bored, is reading the newspaper with his starbucks.

7:20am: Three more women have arrived, looking cold. All are in black leggings. The better to try dresses over I assume.

7:24am: One woman here with her mom or grandmom.

7:27am: Five more have joined the line. Two are supportive boyfriends.

7:28am: About 34 people waiting now.

7:30am: Two women behind me strategizing. "Do you know this Target well? Where is the women's stuff?" I am sure they'll make the Jason Wu stuff easy to find.

7:33am: Oh no, a child has arrived. Boy of about 7 or 8 with his teenage sister and mom. No babies so far.

7:35am: Supportive husband has returned with two adorable dogs. One woman going nuts over them.

7:37am: Less than 30 minutes to go and there are about 40 people here now.

7:40am: Women behind me now discussing last week's headline story about the dog walker finding the head.

7:42am: So cold, so boring.

7:43am: Girls behind me resume strategizing: "What do you do when you get in there? Like, run?"

7:44am: Line has almost reached the escalators. Men count: seven. One is here suspiciously alone with earbuds in.

7:45am: So with 15 minutes to go, Target thinks it's a good idea to start blasting bad pop music from the speakers. Are they trying to hype us up?

7:50am: Wow, so many people showing up ten minutes before. Not dedicated enough.

7:54am: A woman just showed up looking really tired, with a really small child. I'd take one look at this line and turn around.

7:55am: Oh no. They're playing that Gym Class Heroes song with Adam Levine, "Stereo." As if waiting out here in the cold wasn't horrible enough.

7:57am: "My heart's a stereo, it beats for you so listen close..." this will be imprinted on my brain all morning.

7:58am: Security is here! They are about to open the doors.

8:00am: It's happening! Walking up.

8:01am: They are doing groups. First is in and I am waiting by the door.

8:02am: Ahhh, in!

UPDATE: The liveblog continues here.

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