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Kate Bosworth Dreams of Cali in New Vanessa Bruno Ad

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Kate Bosworth's striking features and heterochromic eyes are a perfect fit for Vanessa Bruno's ethereal aesthetic, which is why the French designer continues to cast the actress in her seasonal campaign videos. For spring 2012, Bosworth stars in Bruno's latest ad directed by Stephanie Di Giusto called "Moonlight," which is 2:08 minutes of fantastical weirdness.

If you need some help deciphering what's going on in the film, here's the gist according to the clip's description: Bosworth is a girl that "lives in an illusory house, set in the desert of an improbable space-time where anything is possible" and then has flashbacks of memories that include "a child's hand caressing her face, a swimming pool in sunny California, laughter, life."

Get it? If not, that's ok. Just look at the pretty clothes and be glad that we have a Vanessa Bruno boutique in LA, because the store tells us that some spring 2012 is currently in-stock, with more on the way!
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