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Versace Joins Bev Center's High-Fashion Roster

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In a recent trip to LA's high-low shopping mecca the Beverly Center, we couldn't help but notice a massive new addition near the Macy's wing. A boarded up space stamped with Versace's signature medusa logo confirms that the Italian luxury boutique will soon join the ranks of Gucci, Prada, and Yves Saint Laurent on Level 7, rounding out Bev Center's quest to become a mini Rodeo Drive.

Versace's sub-label Versace Collection will take over the space formerly inhabited by LeSportsac and is geared toward the young, hip aspirational shopper. Both the brand and mall remain tight-lipped on the boutique's exact launch date, but it's already listed on Bev Center's retail directory, so that's progress. We wouldn't be surprised if it opens late fall and is accompanied by a celeb-happy soirée.
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Beverly Center

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