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5 Tips For Buying a Bikini From Designer Matthew Zink

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Photography Seth Hutchinson/Art Direction Luis Cintron

Matthew Zink is a 'bikini expert,' having worked as the design director for Victoria's Secret Swimwear and under such industry titans like Tom Ford, Stefano Pilati and Carolina Herrera. His brand, Charlie by Matthew Zink, is a swim lifestyle brand sold at Intermix, Kitson, Saks Fifth Avenue and Barneys New York. This week, Zink revealed his latest ad campaign to Racked LA (above) and filled us in on his five tips for buying the perfect bikini.

5. Everyone should own a great black bikini: It's important to have a range of swimwear for all your needs, but there is nothing more timeless and sexy that a perfect-fitting black bikini. Pick your favorite silhouette and make sure the fabric quality is great, this will assure it will keep its color.

4. A big bottom gives you a big bottom: In an attempt to cover more, women buy bottoms that make their backside appear bigger. Charlie Swimwear has a European cut because I believe this more classic fit is the most flattering. The front has a great deal of curve at the leg and a straight cut at the back to allow for a very feminine fit (and great tan lines).

3. Complete the package: Invest in a few dynamite coverups that compliment you as much as your swimwear. A woman is just as alluring as she walks to and from the beach as she is laying on it. The easier and more effortless the coverup, the sexier. My favorite is a silk button-down shirt or a simple tunic that covers your shoulders but shows off your legs.

2. Care for your bikini: Swimwear is delicate and needs proper care to make it last season after season. Salt water, chlorine and sun are all very harsh elements. A few easy tips to ensure a long life for your bikini: Rinse out your swimwear after every wear, hand wash—never machine wash, and always lay flat to dry instead of ringing out.

1. The best accessory to any bikini is confidence and a smile! We are extremely exposed in our swimwear. Try to celebrate your body whether it be at the pool, on the beach or in your backyard! The experiences we have with swimwear are times of relaxation, joy and celebration so soak it up! Remember, clothes aren't sexy...people are sexy.
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