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Diehards Turn Out for the Barneys Warehouse Sale

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It's back: the twice-annual blowout that is the Barneys Warehouse Sale. Racked editor Leslie Price is live in Downtown LA, reporting on the madness.

8:18: OMG the line is so. Long.

8:19: People must have gotten here hours ago.

8:20: Men and women, young and old.

8:24: People have defaulted to sitting on the floor, which is mostly carpeted.

8:25: Women look impressively put-together at this hour.

8:25: OMG a woman just walked by with a granny cart.

8:30: At least 50 more people have gotten in line behind me.

8:32: I've spotted some shoppers carrying nice bags -- Alexander Wang and Chanel -- but the smartest shoppers just have wallets or wristlets so they don't have to go through bag check.

8:35: Overheard: "It's going to get really messy. A lot of stuff is laid out on big tables."

8:36: Someone brought a small child. Bad idea jeans. Do people still say that?

8:39: Baby in a stroller!

8:42: This is the largest crowd I've seen in LA. (I don't go to concerts or sporting events.)

8:43: Some woman just audibly gasped upon seeing the line. This really is madness.

8:46: We all just moved ahead -- are they letting people in or did they just make everyone stand up?

8:54: Second stroller arrives. What are people thinking?

8:57: Lots of people showing up now.

8:57: Guy on crutches!

8:59: Starbucks in Convention Center still not open. They missed a real sales opportunity.

9:00: Line is moving! People are trying to cut.
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