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Barneys Warehouse Sale: Not There This Morning? You Missed It

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Early this morning, at least a thousand eager shoppers lined up inside the Los Angeles Convention Center for the opening of the Barneys Warehouse Sale in DTLA. The doors opened at 9am and the first wave of people ran in, grabbed oversize plastic bags from sale staff and stuffed them full of women's clothes, shoes and handbags. There was elbowing, shoving and general bad behavior. The bag section was obliterated almost immediately.

Women then dragged their hauls to the back right of the space, behind a communal fitting room, to examine and trade their finds while unlucky shoppers hovered nearby, hoping for discards. The men's section was less frenetic, and practically no one was in the massive suit and shirting sections—good news for guys who didn't wake up early this morning to make it.

Men's suits were around $500 apiece, while items like ties, sweaters and shirts varied wildly in price. We spotted a nice Merino wool cardigan, Barneys' house brand, for $50. Women's jeans, from brands like Current/Elliott, J Brand and Rag & Bone, were around $99 each. The racks were pretty much picked clean of tops and dresses.

There were a few tables of housewares, including blankets and pillows, priced in the mid-hundreds, a very small box of women's lingerie and two short racks of kid's clothes.

Though we were told that there would be two more shipments of merchandise, we were cautioned that they were "small." One staffer told Racked that the next restocking would be on day four or five on the sale, depending on how things go. Did you shop the sale? If so, what did you get?
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