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Rory Beca On Fashion, Dating and the Beauty of Jello Shots

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From her brand to her laid-back personality, Rory Beca is a quintessential "California girl." Although the designer moved after high school to attend Northeastern and then fashion school in Boston, she soon returned to her West Coast roots where, instead of working for another designer, she started putting together her own collection of one-of-a-kind pieces. After a few of years, Beca had a breakthrough moment with an ever-popular silk tunic design called the "Rizzo;" the orders for this California brand haven't slowed since.

Fast forward to now and the designer, who found out she was pregnant in May, is finishing her Summer 2013 lookbook and working on her Fall sketches, all while Holiday 2013 makes its way onto the inspiration board in her Downtown studio. "We're really trying to get ahead like, 'How many seasons can we do before the baby comes!?" she explained.

Beca took on a rare Los Angeles downpour to meet us for juice at Kreation Kafe near her home in Santa Monica Canyon; watching the rain from the patio, we chatted about jello shots, missing socks and a clever way to end a date early.

What are you drinking today?
"This is strawberry, apple, mint and lemon."

Where is your favorite place to go in LA?
"I love the Santa Monica and Venice area. I like AMF Bowling. My husband and I will go there and get white Russians and bowl. And I love old school places like The Galley; I like the Christmas lights inside, it's so cozy."

What's the first thing you do when you get home from work?
"I put on my pajamas. Before I even enter the door my pants are coming off and my pajamas are on. My husband is like, 'When did you do that?'"

What do you want for Christmas?
"I don't know, I'm better at giving gifts. I think I need socks. I've got one of every pair I own."


What's the last thing you bought?
"I bought a bunch of books at the Henry Miller Library in Big Sur; we were just there. I got the books because they have cool covers so I'm hoping they're actually good inside."

If you had two hours to do nothing, what would you do?
"I'd be in bed, drinking wine, watching old movies."

What is playing on your iPod right now?
"Jurassic 5. I like old school rap."

Summer or fall?
"Summer definitely. I love the colors. I'm a beach girl; I ride my bike at the beach. The whole setting of summer: barbeques and the Fourth of July. Although, I am so ready for the winter right now."

What's the best news that you've gotten recently?
"That I was pregnant and having a boy."

What is your best quality?
"I think my sense of humor, and I'm very easygoing."

If you were going to throw a party what kind would it be?
"I would definitely do a keg party with jello shots. Nothing beats a jello shot. For my 25th birthday, my brother and sister threw a surprise party for me, and the theme was 'Spring Break 2001.' They had jello shots, glow-in-the-dark necklaces, a keg and pizza. It was so much fun!"

Who is your favorite Disney character?
"Minnie Mouse. I wish Miss Piggy was [a Disney character], but she's not."

What's the worst date you've ever had?
"It was a blind date and he was very cheesy and sleazy. I just kept on drinking sake. It was just awful, but the sake helped. It was the weirdest thing that I did [to end the date]; I started talking in an accent! I did this Southern drawl and told him I wasn't interested, thinking it would be easier to put him down with an accent."

Robert Redford or Leonardo DiCaprio as Jay Gatsby?
"Robert Redford."

Shop Rory Beca online at or at Neiman Marcus, Nordstrom and Saks.
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