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Fashion Folks on LA Fashion Week: Yay, Nay or Prefer Not to Say?

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As 2012 draws to a close, we're surveying our friends in the fashion industry about the year's biggest news stories and most exciting developments. Earlier today, we discussed the best stores of 2012; now, we find out how insiders really feel about LA Fashion Week. Readers, let us know what you think in the comments.

Image via LA Fashion Week.

Kara and Brit Smith, designers of of Elkin: Brit: "It'll get there. LA is becoming much more of a fashion city in terms of emerging designers and amazing talent." Kara: "Prefer not to say."

Alisa Gould-Simon, co-founder of shopping and style app Pose: "Nay, but there's so much potential."

Ilaria Urbinati, celebrity stylist and co-owner of Confederacy: "Honestly, nay. That's not me being a snob—I keep waiting for it to happen. The LA art scene has grown so relevant in the last few years, I don't know why the LA fashion scene can't get their shit together."

Yael Aflalo, founder and owner of Reformation: "Unfortunately, I'm still nay. But maybe we will change that in the near future."

Cher Coulter, celebrity stylist and JewelMint designer: "Prefer not to say."

Brenna Egan, editor of Refinery29 LA: "Prefer not to say."

Cameron Silver, LA man-about-town and founder of Decades: "MAY-be. It could work. I have a concept but it's about getting more global brands on board who also want to court celebs."

Melissa Magsaysay, author of City of Style: "Prefer not to say."

Elizabeth Kott, founder of Closet Rich: "Yay."

Kate Albrecht, designer and founder of Mr. Kate: "Yay! Why not! Let's celebrate self expression! (As long as it doesn't cause too much extra traffic.)"

Marlien Rentmeester, Lucky West Coast editor and blogger at Le Catch: "Nay."

Aimee Song, interior designer and blogger at Song of Style: "I don't know honestly since I've never attended. Definitely not near as good as NY Fashion week but I think it's getting better over the years. I have hope!"

Brigham Yen, DTLA chronicler at Brigham Yen: "Yay."

Kelly Wearstler, designer: "Yay. I am always an optimist."
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