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Consensus is Wedge Sneakers Were the Worst Trend of 2012

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As 2012 draws to a close, we're surveying our friends in the fashion industry about the year's biggest news stories and most exciting developments. Yesterday, we looked at the best trends and favorite personal purchases; now, let's discuss the worst trends. Readers, let us know what you think in the comments.

Ilaria Urbinati, celebrity stylist and co-owner of Confederacy: "Wedge sneakers. My brain must have melted because I gave in and got some one day. I wore them for a week then realized that 80 other girls had them on too."

Elizabeth Kott, founder of Closet Rich: "I'm sorry, I have to say it: nail art Instagrams."

Kate Albrecht, designer and founder of Mr. Kate: "The name 'Oxblood'—love the color though! Can't we call it 'Bordeaux' or something?"

Brenna Egan, editor of Refinery29 LA: "Ugh, brocade! I like to call it broke-ade. All that gilt just makes me think of Versace on a bad day. And, while I love me a head-to-toe monochrome look—it's super tough to do correctly. I cringe when I see a hideous one-hued hodgepodge."

Aimee Song, interior designer and blogger at Song of Style: "Everyone wearing sneaker wedges. I loved the Isabel Marant version when they first came out and other slightly similar but lower-price-point styles, but when knock offs started coming out and everyone was wearing them even at fashion parties, I started disliking the trend."

Marlien Rentmeester, Lucky West Coast editor and blogger at Le Catch: "Rhinestone-studded baseball hats, overly sheer pieces."

Yael Aflalo, founder and owner of Reformation: "Animal prints, again."

Cher Coulter, celebrity stylist and JewelMint designer: "Oversized boxy coats. Ugh, so unflattering."

Alisa Gould-Simon, co-founder of shopping and style app Pose: "I'm ready for studs and neon to be over. Also, the bare midriff has been 'making a comeback' for too long in my opinion."

Kat Odell, editor of Eater LA: "Varsity jackets and the goth look."

Cameron Silver, LA man-about-town and founder of Decades: "Dick-deflator shoes and bad fast fashion collabs between luxury brands and mass retailers. It simply is the most tired trend of the 21st century."

Kelly Wearstler, designer: "Printed skinny jeans."

Melissa Magsaysay, author of City of Style: "Wedge sneakers."

Kara and Brit Smith, designers of of Elkin: Brit: "We always plead the 5th on this. Fashion has no rules and we never know if we'll end up wearing our own worst trend answer!" Kara: "Mums the word."
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