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Kim Kardashian's Agent Has Some Advice for Reality Stars

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Photo via Getty

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Let's say you're a Real Housewives cast member or X Factor finalist. Sure, you're on the tip of everyone's tongues for the next 15 minutes, but how do you prolong your stay in the spotlight? How do you get Jimmy Kimmel to wear your nail polish, Oprah to interview you and over 16 million people to follow you on Twitter? Besides having a ball-busting mother like Kris Jenner, you need a really good agent.

For the January 10th issue of The Hollywood Reporter, Kim Kardashian's agent Brian Dow of APA offers five tips for reality stars looking to stay on top. Besides the obvious #1 goal of finding the right agent, Dow suggests splurging on your publicist ("Don't brag that you have a publicist that you only pay $1,500 a month because you should be with a real firm and paying $3,000 to $4,500 a month") and staying committed to your look—especially if you're supposed to be a style influencer ("The public's impression is crucial").

Additional key pointers including building your brand ("Don't just write a book. Write the right book") and mastering social media ("You need to be on all of them daily"). Read the full story here.
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