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Kyle Richards on Beverly Hills, Reality TV and Her New Boutique

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Kyle Richards (center) with business partners Debbie Weisman and Lizzy Schwartz. Photo via Kyle Richards.
Kyle Richards (center) with business partners Debbie Weisman and Lizzy Schwartz. Photo via Kyle Richards.

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From grilling Adrienne Maloof on her enviable shoe collection to discovering Camille Grammer's style crush on Gwen Stefani to feverishly tracking Lisa Vanderpump's reality empire, it's clear that The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills is our guilty pleasure.

One housewife that we've always wanted to chat with is Kyle Richards, who launched her own boutique, Kyle by Alene Too, earlier this year. Just in time for tonight's new RHOBH episode (6pm PT on Bravo), we sat down with Richards to chat about her neighborhood, store and co-stars.

Describe Beverly Hills in three words.
"Glamorous. Diverse. Entertaining."

Where do you like to shop in LA?
"I hardly ever shop anywhere else anymore! When I'm not shopping at Kyle by Alene Too, I like to go to Neiman Marcus, Barneys, Chanel and XIV Karats in Beverly Hills."

Where do you shop for your daughters' adorable clothes?
"For Portia, I love to shop at Target or GlenKids in Bel Air. For Sophia, she loves Brandy Melville. Alexia and Farrah? They both shop in my store!"

Where do you like to dine in LA?
"I love Il Pastaio, Mr. Chow, Villa Blanca, Shu and La Scala."

What inspired you to open your boutique?
"I went to a Boca Raton, Florida for a book signing at Alene Too and I walked into the store and just fell in love with it—it looked like my dream store and had all of my favorite designers under one roof. When I came back to LA, I couldn't stop thinking about it and reached out to owners Debbie Weisman and Lizzy Schwartz to bring the concept to LA. I love that it's one-stop shopping that has everything from a denim bar to black-tie."

What do you love about being on a reality TV show?
"I love the fact that I'm able to capture moments of my children on camera, that I would otherwise never capture. It's funny to think they could buy the DVD set in a few years and have the whole family on video. It's easy to just be yourself in front of the camera, and on the other hand that's the hardest."

What do you loathe about being on a reality TV show?
"The hardest thing about being on a reality show is being misunderstood, especially when certain things happen and you can't explain the backstory. Also, having people think you're someone that you're not."

What is your favorite Real Housewives memory?
"I really had a lot of fun with my husband on the 69-mile bike ride we did for cancer—it was a great bonding experience and I felt so much support from the show's crew and producers. Also, I really enjoy when all the girls travel together, even though you see drama and arguments. I got married and had kids so young, so I never really had a lot of girls trips. When we're not having problems, we're having a lot of fun."

What are your plans for the holidays?
"My family likes to go skiing ever year. I love going to Colorado, but the snow has been bad this year, so we may go to Puerto Rico then head to Mammoth for a long weekend to get our skiing in. I will hunt down any place there is with snow!"
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