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Target Holiday Collab: Early Birds Flock to Neiman Marcus BH

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The Target/Neiman Marcus/CFDA collabapalooza has official begun! Racked correspondent Noah Adler is live on the scene at the Neiman Marcus in Beverly Hills, reporting on the madness.

7:00am: "Reporting for duty! Neiman's has the velvet rope out for the line. Only about 10-15 of us right now. Staff is handing out water, hot chocolate and cookies."

7:05am: "They've started distributing wristbands. We're Group 1."

7:07am: "As might be expected from a line of Beverly Hills shoppers, many are excited about the Tory Burch lunch box and thermos."

7:10am: "A very good daughter and Neiman's employee is keeping her mom company in line. 'My daughter works here; direct your sales to her!' says the mom."

7:11am: "Shopping in Neiman's will be allowed after people are done with the Target line. There is 20% off non-collab sale merch."

7:14am: "I'm one of only two men in line. Ages range from a toddler with his mom to an older woman who was helped out of her car. Lots of moms and daughters."

7:18am: "People chose this location strategically because 'no one in Beverly Hills wants to associate with this.'"

7:25am: "The line has barely grown. they're still handing out Group 1 wristbands. We're huddled under the awning to avoid the rain."

7:30am: "The real Beverly Hills divas are starting to roll in. One woman doesn't even wait for valet to park her Mercedes; she jumped out and walked straight to the door to demand a wristband."

7:32am: "The huddling is over. We've been herded into a legitimate line and roped off."

7:36am: "Staffers tell us that if you open a Neiman Marcus credit account today, you'll receive a $100 gift card to the store."

7:42am: "Staff just introduced designer Robert Rodriguez, who is greeting fans in line now. One line-goer whispered, 'What did he design?' to which another responded, 'This guy's the big time! I'm getting my camera. What an honor!'"

7:50am: "They just handed out dark chocolate truffles which are keeping me alive since I don't have coffee. There are so many amenities in this line."

7:52am: "The musicians appeared out of nowhere and launched into a cover of "As Long As You Love Me" by Justin Bieber. Now they've moved onto Christmas carols."

7:57am: "The band is called Bro Code and yes, they're brothers. They don't know any One Direction songs, although someone definitely requested it."

7:58am: "They're letting in the first 25!"

Update: Follow the live blog here.
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