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MTV recently sat down with Wildfox co-founder and designer Kimberley Gordon to talk about the LA knitwear brand's massive celebrity fan base. The Justin Bieber fanatic counts Lindsay Lohan as one of Wildfox's earliest supporters, when the label made it's debut at Kitson in 2007. She also reveals the story behind one of her most unexpected fans: "It's so funny because about a year and a half ago, Kanye West contacted me through my blog. It was out of nowhere, and he didn't even leave his name- just his phone number! So I called him and he ended up talking to me for a really long time. I guess he wanted to start his own t-shirt line at some point and was looking for advice. And I think it was Beyonce who first showed him the shirts, and was the reason behind him reaching out in the first place! I don't think I'll ever get over that." [MTV; Previously]