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Equipment, Joie, Current/Elliott Sale Rundown (With Price List!)

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As Equipment Tweeted, today is totally a "sick day." Now that you've called into work and received well wishes from your clueless colleagues, it's time to get moving. First up on this morning's sample sale agenda is the highly-anticipated Equipment, Joie, Current/Elliott sale located at Siren Studios Orange.

We stopped by the VIP preview last night and can confirm that the notoriously strict sale mirrors last summer's event, which means no strollers, no handbags and no clothes on the floor of the communal fitting room. Cash and credit are both accepted and cash customers get to skip the line at check-out.

As for the goods, racks are stocked with over 8,000 styles, including Current/Elliott leather leggings in multiple colors, silky Equipment button-down blouses in a variety of prints and tons of charming Joie dresses. For the boys, Current/Elliott jackets, pants, sweaters and tops are also in the house. Sadly, Soft Joie footwear isn't included this time around, but the Cali sublabel's $25 tops, skirts and sweaters make up for it.

The sale runs from 9am to 8pm today and 9am to 4pm tomorrow. Don't sweat it if you truly can't slip away from your office today because we hear that items will be restocked.
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Siren Studios Orange

1050 Orange St, Hollywood, CA 90038