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Erin Wasson Loves Being Close to the Ground, Johnny Cash

Erin Wasson. Photo via Getty Images.
Erin Wasson. Photo via Getty Images.

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Every time that Erin Wasson does an interview, we learn something new and interesting about the easygoing model/actress/jewelry designer. This time it's with Footwear News on the subject of shoes, being that Wasson is the new face of comfort wear line Rockport.

On the topic of what she puts on her feet, the Venice Beach resident asserts that she prefers to "be as close to the ground as possible," saying that, "It's the way I live my life." Regarding her day-to-day outfits, Wasson cites an interesting style icon, "I'm channeling a version of Johnny Cash at all times." And about her fitness routine, the model says she likes to swim in the ocean and do Pilates, however she's "not consistent." Of course, the ocean is also an integral part of her hair regimen. Keep on shining Erin, you crazy star.
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