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Skrillex Hair and Lots of Black: Margiela for H&M Launches in LA

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Speaking to you live from the launch of Maison Martin Margiela for H&M at the Beverly Center is intrepid Racked reported Noah Adler. Follow his adventures right here.

6:56am: "Reporting for duty! There's about 40 to 50 ahead of me. The first two in line have been here since 2am."

7am: "So far I count one Skrillex haircut and one black sweater with studded shoulder pads."

7:05am: "They're starting to move the line indoors. Progress! By indoors I mean to another line inside the Beverly Center. We're not inside the store yet."

7:15am: "I must have been on the later side since only one person has joined the line since I arrived."

7:20am: "The gender ratio is pretty evenly split, with maybe 60 women to 40 men. Also spotted this morning: double-strapped creepers."

7:28am: "Very civilized line, unlike past launches. No one is trying to cut on their way inside."

7:30am: "Whoa—they must have already let a group inside. There's easily another 40 to 50 people inside the mall right now."

7:36am: "They're announcing the rules: wristbands get you 15 minutes of shopping time and you must choose either men's or women's, as both sections are barricaded off. Each shopper gets a limit of four of a like item."

7:37am: "Update! Men's area shoppers don't need wristbands."

7:38am: "And I quote, 'There is no trading merchandise, there is no selling merchandise between yourselves until the items have been purchased and no longer belong to H&M.' We'll see how that rule goes."

7:46am: "The clothing choices are surprisingly tame this morning. I did spot a black-and-white Native American parka situation earlier, though. And harem pants, of course."

7:50am: "Security will be stationed inside each section, counting shoppers' pieces on their way to the registers to make sure that no one is buying more than four of each piece."

7:58am: "People are discussing their shopping lists. They're really feeling the black purses, especially the upside-down black leather one. And the boots."

7:59am: "They're unlocking the gate!"

8:05am: "They're letting people in but I'm too far away to see the entrance. The H&M staff just got a huge deliver order from the Corner Bakery. Jealous."

8:10am: "Just got in, heading to the men's section. It is not civilized inside the store."

Stay tuned for a full report from inside.
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