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Sinatra, Xmas, Bulldogs: Shop Owner Jen Cunningham's Faves

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Jen Cunningham didn't have to travel far from her home in Malibu to her Santa Monica store, Angus Worhol, but she did take the road less traveled. While studying art history at UCLA, she realized it wasn't her calling and quit to dabble in design with jewelry and clothing lines. She moved on to 7 For All Mankind before eventually opening her first store on Main Street. After a business relationship went south, the store closed and she chose to take a year off.

Cunningham opened Angus Worhol in May of this year in an attempt to fill a neighborhood fashion gap. Named after her bulldogs, her shop carries pieces that appeal to a more sophisticated woman who still wants to be flirty and sexy rather than the beachy, bohemian look so prevalent in the area. "I see the way people dress around here and feel like it's so, so needed," Cunningham elaborated. She grounds dressy options from the likes of Haute Hippie and Diane von Furstenburg with lines such as Current/Elliott and Vince to stay tapped into the popular denim and T-shirt market.

Next up for Cunningham is her first experience with e-commerce, launching in January. We met the storeowner for an early morning juice at Main Squeeze to chat about Louboutins, Honey Boo Boo and to find out which Twilight team she plays for.

What are you drinking today?
"The Alkalizer. It's good first thing in the morning because it alkalizes your blood. It has lemon, apple, ginger and cayenne pepper."

Who is your style icon?
"I really think celebrities are so boring so it's hard for me to pinpoint someone famous. I do think Man Repeller has amazing style; she pairs so many unique pieces with one another and it always comes out looking flawless. For a sexier, flirtier look I love Marilyn Monroe.

What is the last song you downloaded?
"It's weird because I like all different genres of music. I think on the same day, it was Frank Sinatra and Rihanna. I downloaded four [Frank Sinatra] albums; I love him because it reminds me of dancing with my dad."

Team Edward or Team Jacob?
"Team Edward."

What is your favorite holiday?
"Christmas! I love the smell of it. The fire, the cinnamon, I would break off pieces of the Christmas tree so I could smell them."

What is one thing in your closet you can't live without?
"My shoes! My boyfriend just got me Louboutin leopard boots with a winged back, and I love my tennis shoes."

What's the first thing you do when you get up in the morning?
"I let my dogs out, make coffee (because I can't even see), then I sit in bed for a good hour and have relaxing alone time because once I step into the world, it's chaos."

If you could buy only one thing from your store, what would it be?
"There is a Current/Elliott light olive, cropped motorcycle jacket that I love."

What is your favorite LA restaurant?
"I'm a meat and potatoes kind of girl. It's like I'm not from here. I love Boa but Toscana in Brentwood is my favorite Italian restaurant. It's just really traditional Italian."

Paper or Plastic?

What's something about you people might not know?
"I'm completely neurotic. It starts at 7 o'clock in the morning and goes on, all day long."

Mac or PC?

What word do you use most?
"A word I overuse that irritates my boyfriend is 'delish'."

If you were to be cast in a reality show, which would it be?
"Here Comes Honey Boo Boo. [For me] There's a big wall at first, but once you get to know me you never know what's going to be said or what's going to happen. The environment of my store is amazing. One of my employees could be cast on the show and I have this handy man that never goes away. I don't know what he does on a daily basis but he's out of his mind. I think we're the perfect Honey Boo Boo family."

What motto do you live by?
"Always look at yourself. Always be growing as a person and take responsibility for your actions."

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