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The Cut Shines a Light on Freak City in Hollywood

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Justin Time of Freak City. Photo via <a href="">Stoopid Jesse</a>.
Justin Time of Freak City. Photo via Stoopid Jesse.

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Freak City is a pretty unique commercial enterprise. It's a club that doubles as a boutique selling new and vintage apparel, and as the name suggests, the clothes, parties and attendees are not run-of-the-mill. Freak City's founders and partygoers recently agreed to be interviewed and photographed for an anthropological sort of feature for The Cut and they totally delivered the weirdness. There's so much material that it's hard to choose the best comment. Here, we've narrowed it down to five choice quotes:

5. Justin Time, Freak City co-owner as well as a producer and promoter: "We turned down an MTV reality show. Freak City is too real for TV at this point."

4. Vally Girl, Freak City co-owner as well as a designer, stylist and singer: "People come in and want custom pieces made so I make them costumes, make 'em look crazy. I pick up different wavelengths, so it all just comes to me. I'm drowning in ideas all the time."

3. David, a buyer, stylist and digital artist: "I think a lot about basic things. Water, sand, marble. This is an Aquafina logo I got off of my water bottle, maybe seven minutes ago. I think blue is a really strong color."

2. Hula Dula, an actor: "I'm what a person would refer to as stuck betwixt dimensions. I am half cartoon and half human."

1. Labanna Babalon, an energy healer, twerker and rapper: "I do Internet energy healing on YouTube, sending positive loving through my ladyparts to the world. I'm going to make an app."
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Freak City

6363 Hollywood Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90028