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Joseph Gordon-Levitt Insists He Knows Nothing About Fashion

Image via Paul + Williams PR
Image via Paul + Williams PR

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Last night, Levi's hosted a special celebration and preview of their new collaboration with hitRECord, Joseph Gordon-Levitt's collaborative production company for artists of all trades. The event, held at the Levi's showroom Haus of Strauss off of Sunset Boulevard, featured screenings of short films all produced through hitRECord's online community of artists, and gave attendees a chance to be a part of the collaboration on two upcoming films Levi's is supporting. The films, based around the themes "Work" and "The Road," will all be inspired by contributions from hitRECord's online social network of artists—who, as members of the company, all get a share of the profits for the work they contribute.

We had an opportunity to speak with "RegularJoe" as he's known in the hitRECord community, and ask him a bit about the collaboration. He told us he is excited about the six-date tour that will be in various cities on the East Coast—while there will be many exciting and "awesome" elements of the show, he specifically clarified that there will be no Magic Mike-style dancing involved.

When asked about men's fashion, the notoriously dapper actor/producer/jack-of-all-trades bashfully replied, "I don't know anything about that!" In addition to publishing books and producing records, the hitRECord store also features clothing with prints created by members, but JGL said there are not yet plans for a clothing collaboration with Levi's. The effortlessly stylish star did let us know that there will be "a piece of art—we don't know exactly what it will be yet because we'll put it together in the community," but his hope is that when it does come to fruition, it will be available in Levi's stores and online.

Later in the evening, Joseph presented a short film on "Outsiders" and spoke to guests about his company's plans with Levi's. He is a long-time fan of the classic denim brand, and explained that when he considered a collaboration with a large brand, he "didn't want to just partner up with some brand that didn't mean anything to me." Levi's is supporting the community for the rest of this year, through distribution of hitRECord products online, supporting the live shows, and publishing a book—again, the content is TBA as the project grows within the hitRECord community. The party continued on into the night, and later JGL led some discussions on "Work" and "The Road" based on inspiration boards to which guests were encouraged to contribute. The discussions were recorded to jumpstart the brainstorming process for the hitRECord community, who will continue work on these projects and many more to come.
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