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Anna Dello Russo x H&M: A Not-So-Nuts Debut in WeHo

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This morning at 10am, Anna Dello Russo's accessories collection for H&M was unleashed at the retailer's WeHo and Beverly Center locations. Compared to the chaotic debuts of H&M's other collaborations, such as the most recent Marnisanity, this was a cakewalk.

Since there wasn't a wristband system or early opening for this collab, we turned up at H&M's Sunset Plaza outpost around 9:30am and entered a surprisingly tame line of about 50 people. While waiting, we heard rumblings that hardcore ADR fans lined up overnight at the Beverly Center location, even though there were less than 100 people in line by opening time.

At 10am on the dot, shoppers were let in and instructed to beeline to the gold-and-blue hued ADR x H&M corner of the store, where "orders" would be taken in a conveyor-like format. We had 10 minutes to "shop" the display cases and request items (only two pieces per style) from the staffers. By the time we left, only the reptile sunnies and turquoise clutch were sold out, and the staff tells us that they have nearly 800 pieces in-store, so there's still time to score.
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