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Report: Forever 21 Pays Their LA Factory Workers Peanuts

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Image via Google Maps
Image via Google Maps

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If you've ever wondered how Forever 21 manages to sell its clothes at such low prices, the answer seems to be in part by underpaying its workers. According to a report by California Apparel News, an investigation by the Wage and Hour Division of LA found that sewing factories at 830 S. Hill Street that produce clothes for F21 were paying workers on average $6.85 per hour with no overtime pay. Minimum wage in California is $8 per hour.

According to a director at the agency that conducted the sweep, "The results...were astonishing in both the breadth and the depth of violations discovered." Forever 21, for its part, hasn't been super helpful with the investigation, releasing less than complete records.
· U.S. Labor Officials Subpoena Forever 21 for Garment Factory Information [CAN]


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