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BluePrint Founders Love American Rag, Are Excited About LA

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Regular Racked readers might know that we're kind of into juicing. In fact, we've got a whole column devoted to chatting with local fashion industry folks over drinks from Pressed, Earth Bar, Café Gratitude, Kreation Kafe, Moon Juice and more. So imagine the excitement level at Racked HQ when offered the opportunity to speak with the women who really popularized the juice movement: Zoe Sakoutis and Erica Huss of New York City's BluePrint.

We sat down with Sakoutis and Huss the other day to talk about their plans for Los Angeles ("We have big plans for LA. LA is a big priority for 2013.") their new juice and snack bars and how LA juice drinkers compare to New York juice drinkers.

How do your West Coast clients differ from your New York ones?
"It's still a learning experience. But in general, there seems to be a broader awareness of what juice is about out here than in New York. It's not necessarily about a hardcore cleanse but rather about lifestyle. Which is why BluePrint juice is going to resonate once word gets out. LA isn't as extreme as New York. In New York, if you do it you do it like 150% and here it's like, 'I dabble.'"

So you have a new flavor?
"Yes, it's our Lime Ginger which is out in limited availability on the East Coast and will be more widely available in the next couple of months. Basically, if you're doing a cleanse it could swap in very easily for the Spicy Lemonade. But as a standalone it's very hydrating, very refreshing. It's got a little bit of spice to it and a very bright flavor and we think it's quite tasty.

And then we have our bars which are also right now exclusively at FreshDirect in New York but are coming soon to a market near you. They are reflective of our brand ideology which is very clean, very simple. They're 100% raw, vegan, gluten-free, non-GMO. Everything you see in them is included on the label. They're inspired by the fact that we both used to be big into Larabars, which used to be 100% all of those things and now can't say that about every single product."

Where else do you see the brand going, especially in LA?
"We see no limit in terms of where we can go with the brand and extensions. What we've been going for all along is to have a much broader scope. We have a lot of partnerships, whether it's with cosmetics companies or Fred Segal or Flywheel or Barry's Bootcamp. We really look at this as an overall wellness, lifestyle brand.

Aside from the book, have you considered delving into editorial?
"We have [laughs]. We can't really talk about it yet. We're smiling because there are so many things we can't talk about yet that are exciting.

We feel like education on this topic and related topics is really critical for our brand. And that's something that we'd like to be able to realize."

Where do you stay when you're in LA? Where do you like to go to shop and eat?
"We stay at The London. It's so rare that we can visit here and have time to go shopping, but I [Zoe] do like to go to Opening Ceremony and American Rag. And just Venice in general. We spend lots of time at Fred Segal. Truthfully, when we're here there's very little time to do anything but have meetings and just?drive. Drive around. And go to dinner. We love going to Comme Ça and Eveleigh. Soho House is a great place to have meetings. Those are our stomping grounds."

BluePrint juice is available in LA at Whole Foods as well as Mother's Market. Their cleanses are available online.
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