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Rob Kardashian Doesn't Want K-Name Associated With His Socks

Image via Arthur George
Image via Arthur George

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Last week, Racked broke the news that Rob Kardashian's natty sock line Arthur George had been picked up by Neiman Marcus and will be available in stores November 9th. WWD decided to have a chat with the budding designer, who spoke about how he came up with the name for the brand and why he doesn't want to leverage his Kardashian-ness to promote it.

"The label still says it's by Robert Kardashian, but I'm more comfortable if it doesn't scream Kardashian at you. We don't have to overkill everything but, at the same time, you can't get away from it. And Arthur George sounds classy."
Rob also mentions that he might already be thinking about a full apparel line, but that he's okay with starting small. Because that's how his idol built his brand. "Ralph Lauren started with ties and I want to emulate that."
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