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7 Seriously Inspiring Shots from Kelly Wearstler's New Book

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Photos courtesy of Kelly Wearstler

In addition to being our go-to for pristine prints and statement gems, Kelly Wearstler is our top resource for inspiring décor. The LA-based design extraordinaire (and owner of many phones) recently explained to the Los Angeles Times that her fourth design book, Kelly Wearstler: Rhapsody (out today!) is about "a bunch of things—different periods, scales and textures—coming together to create a beautiful space."

These beautiful spaces are revealed in the book's 200 plus pages, showcasing Wearstler-crafted residential and hotel designs accompanied by insight from the designer that provide an inside look at her creative planning process. In honor of Rhapsody's launch, Wearstler hooked us up with a teaser of seven superior interior images straight from the book. Warning: you may want to rearrange your entire apartment after viewing our gallery.
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