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Pressing Questions About SoCal Goodwill Halloween Commercial

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This ad for Goodwill has been blaring all over LA-area TVs, but we're still kind of perplexed about what exactly is going on here. Watch it, then see if you can help us clarify a couple of things.

1. What are they advertising?
Yes, Goodwill is a place to shop. Are they saying you should go to Goodwill to find your Halloween costume? Or is this just a way for Goodwill to say "Halloween is rad" and remind you that they exist at the same time?

2. Is that Cartman's voice at the end?
DListed's Michael K evidently had the same thought. Listen to it again, though!

3. Did whoever made this commercial watch a lot of Daria growing up?
It isn't just the graphics—it's the flashback to that weird episode where the personified versions of different holidays, including Halloween, showed up in Daria's town and started hanging out with Trent.

As always, your thoughts are welcome in the comments.
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